Top 10 crowdfunding sites: Key factors and comparison

By: Jasmine Marfatia

Published On: December 28, 2018

Picking the perfect crowdfunding platform can feel like a daunting task. Especially these days, since there are hundreds of new crowdfunding platforms in India offering crowdfunding services for various types of initiatives.

crowdfunding-in-india-impact-guru The first step is understanding your own project, the purpose of raising funds, how you’re going to use the funds you collect, and how much time you need. Once you have the basic details of your own fundraiser, you need to go through a few steps to know which platform is ideal for your needs. 

We at Impact Guru have listed out some of the key factors to consider while picking a crowdfunding platform for your fundraiser:

Which category of crowdfunding does the platform specialize in?

In India, and in fact anywhere at all, you can find crowdfunding platforms that are specific to your needs. There are medical crowdfunding platforms, start-up crowdfunding, art crowdfunding, education crowdfunding, personal crowdfunding, and varied  categories. 

Put your initiative into one of those categories, and narrow your search to platforms that offer fundraising for your initiative. 

Has the platform built a community of supporters?

Understanding your target audience will help you decide which crowdfunding platform to choose. For instance, if you're raising funds for an NGO or nonprofit initiative, you’d look for platforms that have experience in running campaigns for nonprofits. 


This is an important step because the platform you chose should already have a network of potential donors who are inclined to donate to specific causes. Picking a platform accordingly will help you reach your target audience. 

Review the past success of various platforms

With new crowdfunding websites coming up every day, it would help to do a background check of them before arriving on a  decision. Look for their experience in terms of number of years, funds raised, the number of campaigns they’ve run, their collaborations etc. In addition, you may also take a  personal feedback from people who have  used that website's crowdfunding services.

Compare the platform fees of various crowdfunding websites

Certain websites have a fee, while others allow you to raise funds for free. Then there are some that offer added benefits of boosting and strategizing your campaigns with you for a minimal fee. So see what suits your needs the best, and the platform that has the lowest fees so that you can keep majority of the funds you raise. 

Pick a customer friendly and flexible platform

Certain crowdfunding platforms have a 24 hour customer service helpline, this team will be able to guide you through any problems you face while fundraising. 

Now that we know what to look for in a crowdfunding platform, it’s time to look at some of the top crowdfunding platforms in India, what they offer, the impact they’ve created , and what sets them apart.

  • Impact Guru

Image result for impact guru

Top categories - Medical causes and NGOs

Pricing - 5%

Services - Strategizing, story builder, photo & video creation, marketing support

Customer support - Telephone, email & chat support, dedicated crowdfunding managers

Disbursement of funds - Daily access

Tax benefits for donors - Section 80G tax benefits for Indians and NRI donors

Total funds raised - Rs 329 Cr

  • Ketto

Image result for ketto

  • Top categories - Celebrity charity and NGOs

Pricing - 5% - 6%

Services - social media outreach, content support, advertising

Customer support - Telephone, email, campaign manager

Disbursement of funds - Daily access

Tax benefits for donors - Not available

Total funds raised - Rs 300 Cr

  • Milaap

Image result for milaap

Top categories - Rural projects and debt based crowdfunding

Pricing - 5%

Services - Free sign up, cheque pick ups, content creation

Customer support - Chat support, email, phone

Disbursement of funds - Daily access

Tax benefits for donors - Not available

Total funds raised - Rs 468 Cr

  • Wishberry

Image result for wishberry

Top categories - Creative projects

Pricing - 10%

Services - Strategy, promotion

Customer support - Chat support, email support

Disbursement of funds - All or nothing policy, daily access to funds

Tax benefits for donors - Not available

Total funds raised - Rs 13 Cr

Bit GivingTop categories - Enterprises, social, and creative projects

Pricing - 6% - 8%

Services - Enterprises, social and creative causes

Customer support - Chat and email support

Disbursement of funds - Daily access, added fee for unmet goals

Tax benefits for donors - Not available

  • Fuel a Dream

Image result for Fuel a Dream

Top categories - Startups and student projects

Pricing - 7%

Services - Collaborations with schools, pre-sales for startups

Customer support - Phone & email support

Disbursement of funds - Daily access, fixed or flexible policy

Tax benefits for donors - Not available

Total funds raised - Rs 7 Cr

  • Catapooolt

Image result for catapooolt

Top categories - Start ups

Pricing - 10%

Services - Rewards programs, access to investors, marketing, sales & distribution, mentorship

Customer support - Phone and email support

Disbursement of funds - Daily access

Tax benefits for donors - Not available

  • Fund dreams India

Image result for Fund dreams India

Top categories - Personal causes

Pricing - 5%

Services - No upfront fees, rewards based programs

Customer support - Email support

Disbursement of funds - Daily access

Tax benefits for donors - Not available

  • Start 51

Image result for start51 crowdfunding

Top categories - Technology and creative projects

Pricing - NA

Services - 51 day campaigns

For a brief comparison of the rankings of various crowdfunding websites in India, have a look at this page. We hope this helps you chose the perfect crowdfunding platform for your next fundraising initiative!

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